Turkey or the bridge between continents and cultures…

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Cold War era ended but it terminated simplistic understanding of world politics, as well. All questions about the great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict have been changed dramatically.

In this new era, different concepts like national interests, values, ideas, cultures, identities, and civilizations lead to conflict at both regional and global levels. Ideological and economic thesis were replaced by culture-based theories.

Even nation states remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, identitary issues affect the public dimension of collective life, too.

Amidst the historic systemic changes, Turkey and Turkish people struggling on staying as the bridge between continents and cultures. Turkey’s strong secular roots still keep closer two civilizations, the East and the West.

I am happy to say that SI will be always a lodestar for me and the Republican People’s Party. Being an equal member of our huge international family since 1978 and feeling the power of solidarity makes us stronger. The Socialist International always inspires our movement to bring our people peacefully into the future.