Now is the time to shape the future!

We need a real challenge to transform the world. We need leadership to improve the lives of working families, the children, the elderly, the sick and the poor. Our aim is not to provide the standart care or support but to fulfil children’s, workers’ and all people’s potential.

To reach our mission we need to come together as equal members of humanity to be stronger and successful.

When all of us, member parties of Socialist International, stand together; yes we can!

We can defend workers’, women’s, minorities’, immigrants’ and all others’ rights. All dreams to live in a fairer world may come true if we fight together to create an alternative world order instead of accepting the neo-liberal lies about social mobility and opportunity.

All we know that the current system is totally a disaster for ordinary people. Not to left out or left behind anybody we must find a new way to rebuild solidarity and dignity in the society.

We have to be courageous for the benefit of society. I believe that “now is the time to shape the future!”