Urgent Request for Turkey



Mr. Sigmar Gabriel
Chairman of the Social Democratic Party
Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister
Mr. Gabriel, Dear Comrade,
“Genocide” is a precise crime codified by the 1948 UN Convention. Whether or not a
particular situation constitutes “genocide” according to terms of the said UN
Convention must and can only be determined by a competent tribunal. In the absence
of a ruling from a competent court, no one can be judged guilty of the crime of
Therefore Armenian claims cannot be justified by parliaments. Parliaments are not
courts of law. They can political declarations, but cannot deliver legal ruling.

We believe in that historic events should not be used for political purposes of today
and history should be left to historians. Third parties can only help by encouraging
Turkey and Armenia to come together to addres their differences over their common
history. It should never be forgotten that these two venerable nations have lived in
peace, friendship and solidarity over many centuries. One sided resolutions or
decisions do not help the Armenians; these only increase their intransigence.

We expect from German Parliament to refrain from making a judgement on the
events of 1915, which would disregard the decisions of the European Court of Human
Rights and French High Court. We believe that such a decision would damage
Turkish-German relations as well and harm the national feelings of the Turkish
Yours sincerely,
Umut Oran
Vice-President of the Socialist International
Former MP and Vice-President Republican People’s Party (CHP )


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